Crowdsourcing: If you are a minority owned business and are looking to promote your business, the Birmingham Black Economic Alliance hosts monthly events to showcase a business. Through Greater Works Business Services, we handle flyer design, social media event management, and business promotion. BBEA asked that businesses we crowdsource give back to other minority businesses, the community, and the organization.

Education: We educate and empower people of color to learn more about themselves, their history, their community, and self-worth. We achieve this by having conferences and workshops, fundraisers, working meetings and sessions, network opportunities, special events, and so much more. We want to channel our time, talent/skills, resources, and connection to build our own communities and to give back to our communities.

Advertising: The Birmingham Black Economic Alliance have a business directory to showcase minority-owned businesses known as Birmingham Black Wallstreet. If you have a business membership with BBEA, you can submit a listing in the directory at no extra charge.

Business Consulting: Through Greater Works Business Services, BBEA will help set up your business, make your business a brand, connect your the right resources, design a website and promotional material, and so much more. You an be sure that your business will stand out with customers, sales, and revenue. Just make sure you give back to the organization and the community. After all, that is what BBEA is all about. To empowering people and businesses to give back to their communities.