There is no one leader of the organization. The staff of The Black Economic Alliance is made up of various committees.

Administrative Committee
Responsible for overall administrative services and project management.

Elders Committee
Enriches leadership and members with experience and wisdom, sharing inspiration, supplying technique, helping to settle disputes, and steer the course.

Finance and Fundraising Committee
Responsible for developing and implementing BEA fundraising projects and campaigns; conducts banking activities; and records financial transactions (P&L)

Leadership Committee
Responsible for maintaining the mission, spearheading activities, and managing resources of the organization.

Political Empowerment Committee
Responsible for activism and advocacy in political empowerment issues (local and national) and community education in Afrocentric economic philosophies and systems.

Public Outreach and Marketing Committee
Responsible for outreach into committees, disseminating information, and developing productive relationships in support of greater participation in BEA activities and campaigns.

Technical Committee
Responsible for the maintenance of the BEA website, provide technical assistance at all events, design media promoting the organization and its activities, and upkeeping for the business directory, memberships, and other information technology activities.